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Tag, I'm It!

Okay, so here's a fun little game that hopefully will spread the indie word. Being IT means that you share information about your work in progress also known as WIP.

The Rules
1.) Give credit (including a link) to the Author who tagged you.
2.) Play by the rules, therefore you must post the rules!
3.) You MUST answer all 10 questions (below) some are quite hard but do your best.
4.) List five other Authors with links at the end that you have tagged so that the game can continue.

Link Back
The indie writer who tagged me was Beem Weeks author of Jazz Baby. He has an author site here on GoodReads where you can learn all about his writing.

Q1.) What is the title or working title of your WIP?

An Untold Want

Q2.) What genres does your novel fall under?

Women's fiction, no, not Chic-lit, more like literary fiction with a bit of romance in it.

Q3.) What actors (Dream Cast) would you choose to play the characters in a film version?

Assuming a dream cast means that the laws of physics (aging and death) don't apply (e.g., some are too old, some are dead), here's who I would have in the cast:

Maggie: Susan Sarandon or Vivien Leigh
Liz: Holly Hunter or Uma Thurman
Desi: Audrey Hepburn, definitely Audrey Hepburn
JD: Even though I'm not crazy about him as an actor, JD is fashioned after Clint Eastwood.
Rowan: Edward Norton or James Dean
Suzanne: Delta Burke, definitely
Libby: Kate Winslet or Helena Bonham Carter
(Libby is a difficult one to cast, as I don't like her much.)

Q4.) What is the main outline for your book?

Have you heard that there are only two stories? Someone comes to town or someone leaves town. This is the story of someone coming to town.

Basically, girl grows up in denial about her family's lifestyle. Now in her 40's and never married, with a teenage daughter, she meets the younger man. She wants to fall in love, but is afraid of what the neighbors will say and of the family curse which fates all men who love women in her family to an early grave. Troubles happen along the way as girl learns to accept herself and then figure out to do with her life.

Q5.) Will your book be Indie published/self published, or represented by an agency and sold to a traditional publisher?

Indie. I've tried the agent route, and haven't had any luck finding someone who "loves" my work. It doesn't fit a particular genre. And even though Donald Maass is preaching that literary and genre should find a happy medium (and I agree with him whole heartedly), no one seems interested and I kind'ov got tired of trying.

Q6.) How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?

I don't write in chronological order, so there wasn't really a first draft per se. Actually, the novel was finished and then so many things changed in the editing phase, and then so many more thing changes. So I can't say there ever was a real first draft. End to end, the process has taken about eight years (part of it involved learning the craft). But really if you count only the time I was actively writing, it took about two years.

Q7.) What other books in this genre would you compare your book to?

A friend said this novel is a cross between The Witches of Eastwick and Steel Magnolias. I like to think that my writing is somewhere between Sarah Addison Allen's The Girl Who Chased the Moon and Dorothy Allison's Bastard Out of Carolina. It has magic and witchcraft in it, but it's not fantastical realism. And it definitely not urban fantasy. (No vampires, werewolves, or zombies.) An Untold Want is about a family of Southern witches, real witches, and what life is like for the current matron in the family who tries to ignore her magical heritage. Maybe like Kate Morton's works, except set in the southeastern US.

Q8.) Who or what inspired you to write this book?

Author wise, I have to say I started this journey wanting to write like Alice Hoffman. But my friends are my true inspiration. They keep me going. They bolster my confidence.

Finally, my Granny was a fine story teller, and I think I get that need to tell stories from her.

Q9.) What else about the book might pique readers attention?

Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll? I don't know. God, I'm telling on myself. I'm sure no one under thirty ever says that.

There are historical inserts (e.g., diary excerpts) that help tell the story. So it has the feel of a historical novel, while the main story still happens in the present.

There are a couple of steamy sex scenes, but nothing over the top.

The story is told from the point of view of three women, two of which are teenagers, and it traces their steps toward self-worth.

Q10.) Five other Indie Authors you have tagged

I'm going to cheat and only list two authors, but two authors you should look into.

E.J. Miller:
Martin Hengst:,

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