Synopsis (spoiler alert)

Counting Crows (working title) is a modern day, literary love story of approximately 110K words. It is forty-two year old Maggie MacAllister’s coming of age story. As if being born into a family of witches in a small Georgia town isn’t enough to brand her a social pariah, she came home from college with a PhD, baby Liz, and no husband. In the fifteen years since, she has let the Jacob’s Creek crusade of gossip and whispers mold her life into a wretched existence.
She is the self-decided scientist in a family of witches and attempts to impose logic on a situation of legendary proportions, the MacAllister family curse, but try as she might, a stroll through the family cemetery is proof enough that any man who loves a MacAllister woman dies in the prime of his life. Maggie just can’t live through that, not after losing her daddy at age eleven, no matter how in love she is. So Maggie commits to being single, but when a younger, attractive widower, JD Seaborne, and his daughter, Desi, move into town, the walls that Maggie has built around her life begin to disintegrate. He is everything she wants in a man, dependable and caring, stable and bewitching, but she fears what people will say, about the curse, about their age, about her if she gets involved with him.
Maggie’s sixteen year old daughter, Liz, wants to follow her grandmother’s path and be a witch. When Liz and her new best friend, Desi, decide that their parents will make the perfect couple, the girls work a love spell, but it isn’t until Liz nearly dies from a self-administered abortion that Maggie is thrown together with JD. Despite striving to protect him, and herself, from both the curse and the neighbors’ censure by pushing him away, they become emotionally, spiritually, and eventually physically entangled. When she ends up pregnant, Maggie struggles to make the right choice about the baby and about JD. With help from a new friend, Tansy, Maggie finds the courage to face her demons, to open her heart and life to the baby, to JD, and to her family’s legacy of magic.

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