Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jet Lag Sucks!

So Edinburgh is eight-hours earlier than Seattle.  We got back on Tuesday night, and I'm still waking up more on Edinburgh time than Seattle time.  Which means that I'm still moving slow, and won't be writing much here today. 

About the trip, in a nut shell, I had a great time.  I would move to Edinburgh if I could afford it.  I love the history and the people.  Scots are the only people I've found to be nicer than Australians.  I took lots of pictures and will be sharing more soon.

Edinburgh to the south-east from the castle wall.
Since Tuesday, I did manage to get my novel manuscript (Counting Crows) re-read and polished. I sent it off to the requesting agent today. I've decided that if the agent is willing to take me on, I'm going to accept that relationship. I want to see if there's an advantage to having an agent. Plus, I'm terrible at marketing and could use the help/experience. Marketing Couillon has been far more difficult than writing it, mostly because I hate selling stuff.

This weekend, I also signed up for the Popular Fiction II class at UW. In my application letter I said that I wanted to take the class to hone my writing skills and to have a venue to talk about the struggles, and joys, of writing. I have a good writing resume, and should be able to get in, unless I waited too long to apply. The class starts on Tuesday, this coming Tuesday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.

With all that said, I think I've done enough for today, especially if you consider I attended a wedding this weekend too. So I'm going to go lay on the sofa and watch TV. Maybe eat some ice cream and have a glass of red wine. Maybe not. I'd probably fall asleep with my head in the bowl and the wine dribbling down my shirt.

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