Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wow, was I Wrong!

You know how last Sunday I said that I won't have anything to do now that Couillon has been pushed to the e-publishers and the novel was in the hands of three agents, well I was wrong.  So, so wrong.

Last weekend, I rushed to get everything done so I could have a bit of a breather, a vacation of sorts, but I screwed myself, because I was busy all week, this week, with work and personal commitments. And fretting about being a failure because I put out a flawed piece of work.

Yes, flawed. First, I realized that in my rush to the finish line, I had pushed the wrong word document to the three e-publishers, and then Dustin found more typos. I'm such a perfectionist that I couldn't just let it stand as is. I had to get all of that fixed.  But work (the work that pays the bills) and commitments have to come first. So even though I was in panic mode about it not being polished, about people seeing the problems, I had to wait until Friday evening to get started on making the corrections.

All of Friday evening and all day yesterday (Saturday), I read and re-read Couillon, until I was sick of it.  Problem is that every time I read it, I would end up word-smithing something or making a tiny change, and then because I could have potentially created new typos--damn you, dyslexia--I had to read it again.

I admit it's a good story, but I hope I never, ever have to read it all the way through ever again.

Note to self: rushing around only creates more work in the long run.  There are no true vacations.  Not for perfectionists.

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