Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Removed Post

I went ahead and removed the last post.  My friend, the lawyer, convinced me that it wasn't smart.  Not that I'm known for being especially smart, well not politically.  So I'm listening to counsel.  I am smart about that. 


  1. Glad I got to read it while it was up. Hard for me to disagree with most of what was in it.

    Also glad you took the advice to remove it - just in case. Would like to think that nothing would come of leaving it up, but you just don't know.

    I have sort of a mantra that helps me deal with such feelings: "Remember, it's not real life, it's just work." I think it is possible to still perform your job with dedication and passion, but keep things in perspective too. You can be the judge of how effectively I was able to do that, if you wish.

    Cheers - Ken

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