Monday, April 1, 2013

Psychic Faire - the Results are In!

This past Saturday I went to a psychic faire that's hosted here in the Seattle area once a year.  And I had my cards read.  [Sorry, no pictures this time.] 

Don't dismiss this right off the bat.  If nothing else, I think psychics [tarot readers and palm readers] help people get in touch with themselves or at least with how they view themselves.  I think a lot of it is based on reading the persons appearance, on intuition and empathy. The cards, or whatever, just help them figure things out about you... or me.  I view readings as a sort of pagan psychotherapy, like seeing a therapist, and at a much reduced fee.

Even I read tarot cards.  Yes, I do.  I'm not good at it because I don't have the ability to just talk about what I see.  I'm too analytical.   I second guess myself too much.  I see things and then think, no that's not right, that's not what the card is supposed to say.

Anyway, there were no great revelations that came from this reading, but it put me back in touch with me, and reassured me that I not delusional, well not all the time. 

I had her do a general reading for me.

  • She said some stuff about work, that someone [a gray haired man or a dark haired woman] who has been duplicitous will get their comeuppance 
  • I thought, humm, I think I know who she's talking about, could even be both, and I said it's about damn time

  • She said money or a promotion is coming my way
  • I said it's about damn time

  • She said you're exhausted and need some down time
  • I said that's true

Of course there was lots of back-and-forth conversation while this was going on.  We talked about my mother a bit.  But I never give away all the information up front.  I like to see if the reader is sincere.  She said someone was with me (not a physical being) who is demanding and opinionated.  I thought great, even after she dies I can't get rid of her.  But then again, I know she's the voice in my head, the one that says if you try that you're going to fail and then what will everyone think of you.

  • But She said she [my mother, the being following me around, whomever] wants me to be happy, to do well
  • I said I hope so 

  • She said you're a perfectionist, can't stop editing that book
  • I said And?
  • She said learn to accept that done is done
  • I said hard to do

  • She said this novel [Counting Crows] will be good but not great, that what I write needs to be more raw.  
  • She said my third book will be great.  [I believe KenS said the same, that this book is good, but it's my starter book, that I can do better.]  
  • She said that I need to make it raw, show emotions in it, don't suppress them like I try to do in my life.  

And I thought about that, and have been since Saturday.  I told her about how several people have suggested I write a memoir, but that I find it too self-indulgent and don't really want to deal with all the tittering that would go on behind my back.  I told her that I do try to suppress my emotions, that I do not like to let people in.

On the other hand, today my friend LisaP asked if Maggie is Nellie.  

Here's what I told her: "Yes, Maggie is mostly me. Desi and Liz are also parts of me, as well as Rose. My mother's in there too, and my grandmother. All mixed up. There is no straight one-to-one character. But you know, with fiction even though it isn't memoir, the best fiction comes from inside. People who know me will see the correlation.  People who don't know me well may guess, and everyone else will get whatever they bring to the story."

So who knows. I may never become an internationally acclaimed author, but I'm going to give it a try.  My characters will be as messed-up as I am, and I hope people will find it interesting.  The ones who amaze me are the ones who don't get it, and I say to them, be glad you don't understand, that your life has been so good you can't grasp the underlying theme.

With that said, I'm going to go read someone else's work for awhile.

And post a comment!!!  please...


  1. A duplicitous gray haired man gets his comeuppance? Who could you possibly be thinking about? Sweet if it really happens!! Although I guess I have far less faith in the predictions of a reader than you may have. To me, the predictions sound somewhat generic and some are unverifiable for the short term future. But perhaps I am too skeptical.

    - Ken

  2. Ken, my response was that it's about damn time, but I really hope it's true. But also consider the dark haired woman, one who possibly creates vortices here at work [in case you hadn't guessed already]. Lots of problems recently, and lots of finger pointing to acquit herself of any wrong doing. They did it!! Not Me!! My mouth literally fell open when I thought about it, and get this, they work together now, tag teaming with excuses why things don't work. But the key is the word duplicity. Everyone else around here is pretty damned honest.

  3. Hey Nellie! I love psychic stuff because it gives me a new way to look at things. There's nothing better than food for thought, I say. It may be true for me, too, that the third book will be the one. But we have to get through one and two :)
    take care!

  4. Jeannie, I love it too, and you're right, it allows us to look at ourselves and others from a differen angle. As for the third book, I'm hoping that Couillon counts, but you never know. If you haven't read Steve Berry's (Not Barry) story, you should. He got 85 rejections and had five books written before an agent would agree to represent him, and now he's a huge author.

    Thanks for the comment!! You take care too!