Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sundays, Business of Writing, and New Story Percolates

It appears that Sundays are quickly becoming my day to blog. What with my real job (because, sadly, I still need a paycheck) and trying to write and have at least a small social life and a clean house, Sundays are the days I finally get to sit down and think about what happened the preceeding week.

So in keeping with it being Sunday, the preceeding week has been spent, by and large, promoting Couillon on FaceBook.  I created a FB Ad that will run for a month, and I joined several writer/reader FB groups, groups where you post your latest e-book and hopefully get some interest, although I'll be surprised if I get any hits from these groups, as it appears that most of the people in the group are of the writer kind and not the reader kind.  Most of the posts are links to an e-book somewhere on the web.  There is little to no interaction between the group members, which is kind of sad. 

I don't really like this part, this business of writing, but it's good experience and I keep the rights to my story. I'm not making any money right now on my story, but I'm learning how to promote myself and my work, something I've never been good at.  I always felt like the quality of my work should speak for itself, but that was in a very small circle of people and managers at work, while this book is going out to the world. 

On a happier, more fun note, I started developing my new story.  I ran through a list of baby names, trying to find the right one, and then there it was, in a novel I was reading. Then I found an article on the web about a young boy's death that intrigued me.  And I had decided, before the percolation process even started, that this story/novel will be set in Seattle.  I've been living here over ten years, and it's easier to work with the known world than building a town (like Jacob's Creek) from nothing or writing about New Orleans when it's been so long since I've been there.

Right now, I know that the protagonist will be a 30-something woman named Beryl, whose twin, Jeryl, died when they were young. (I know how he dies, but I don't want to give it away.) The story will have an infusion of Native American mysticism and legend, as well as twin mythology.  I spent a good part of the day reading up on both (on the web) and put two library books on hold.

On the web, I found a real Pacific Northwest tribe which has a set of twins at the origin of its world.  Kwe-kustepsep, the Twin Transformer, brought balance to the world. These twins used their powers to change the people, the animals, and the landscape, thus creating the world we know today.  They also have Raven as a cultural hero, helper and trickster.  Perfect for my story.  Right now, I'm pretty sure Beryl's mother will have descended from this tribe.

With all that said, I'll keep working at the business of writing, but I'm so glad that I'm finally back to the enjoyable part of writing as well.

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