Sunday, August 12, 2012

Other Reviews - Thanks Everyone

My friends have been very generous with their reviews on Amazon.  So far none have been posted on B&N or Smashwords, but then again most of my friends have Kindles.  My two hardest critics, and hardest working critics (they both helped edit and re-work along the way), each gave me a 4 out of 5.  But that's because they know, and I know, that I can do better. And will do better. Plus they turned around an praised my work in a way that was over the top. So in reality, they gave me a 5.  :-)

What's interesting is that Amazon is already pulling quotes from these reviews.

And then there's the entertaining aspect to all of this. The following was posted on facebook, by my friend Ann Piraino:

"Finished the review for Sara's book Coullion. It got a 4 from a guy who matched her (Nellie!!) against Stephen King - OMG what a kudo! I have read it twice in print version and Mike is buying me the Kindle version so I can carry it around!"

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