Saturday, February 18, 2012

More Agent Queries Sent

After talking with my brother about scheduling our trip to Scotland, and then talking to Patti about work, I've spent the rest of the afternoon looking up agents and sending out email queries. is a great resource, although you should follow the agency links provided to make sure that the agent is still at that agency or in business.  I found two that I did not send queries to, one was no longer at that agency and the other agents weren't interested in Women's Fiction and another that turned out to be more of a talent agency.

By early-afternoon, I had already sent out several email queries, based on agents looking for Women's Fiction, but as a lark, I decided to put in "southern" as the keyword (along with Women's Fiction as a genre) just to see if there was anything out there. 

I won't list the agent's name, but here's what I found, and yes, I immediately sent her a query email.

This is straight from the Special Interests area:

  • She loves voice and story-driven fiction.
  • She is interested in women’s fiction that hits that sweet spot between literary and mainstream and has a passion for Southern voices, historical dramas, suspense with a well-developed protagonist, and writing that illuminates the multicultural experience.
  • She has a weakness for family secrets and mother-daughter relationships and love stories that make her cry.

    With that said, I don't know what this agent is like to work with, but I would love to find out. 

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