Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Agent Confusion

Dear Self,
Last night, besides a weird dream about traveling to Santa Fe with Andrea and Heinz and my Granny, I had a dream that an agent responded to one of my email queries.  Unfortunately, the dream email was very confusing, neither a rejection nor a yes, I want to be your agent response.  I’m starting to feel very bewildered with the whole process.  I know agents are busy people, and a “new” author isn’t likely to get any attention, but I’m different. No, really, I am. 
I know. I know. All authors believe they just wrote the Next Great American Novel (or whatever country they live in), but I read a lot, and I think my work is, at minimum, worth publishing.  I also know that I’m being impatient. It hasn’t even been a month since I sent my first email query, but patience is not one of my virtues.
I’ve sent out ten queries and have received two rejections.  I wonder whether I should just put it away, just forget about it.  The reason I say this is that my dream seems so ambivalent.  Shouldn’t I be dreaming about agents throwing huge deals at me?  Ann-Marie dreamt that she attended one of my book signings (Granted there were some bizarre factors in her dream, but aren’t there always in dreams?).  So, why am I not dreaming about book signings and success? 
Signed Confused


  1. I am honored that I featured in your dream with your Granny. And I have always lived by the motto that "good things come to those that wait". So think good things, and remember, it has taken you 10 years to get this book to where it is today (I think I read that in a previous post), even if it takes a year to get it noticed by an agent, that is a fraction of it's creation. - Andrea O (who went to university in southern New Mexico remember...)

  2. Despite the prevalence of the internet, the publishing industry moves at glacial speed.