Thursday, October 17, 2013

e-book Cover Design Competition

So, last month I submitted the cover of An Untold Want to the e-book Cover Design Competition looking for feedback on my cover.  BTW, there is a wealth of information in the past competitions on how to create a good cover for an e-book.

Here's what I wrote as an explanation:

Nellie Williamson submitted An Untold Want designed by Nellie Williamson. “An Untold Want is a women’s literary novel. One of the motifs running through the novel is crows. Although the story takes place in modern times, there are diary sections from ancestors of the protagonist. The text on the cover comes from one of the diary sections.”

And here is the comment (understand the he doesn't comment at all on a lot of book covers):

JF: The bit of crow running off the top distracts more than it adds.

And yes, I can see that.  But I was pretty happy that there wasn't more of a criticism.  He typically doesn't hold back.  As with writing, if you put yourself out there, you need to be able to take the critique.

With that said, I probably would have still left the "bit of crow" at the top.  But I have learned a lot from his reviews, and appreciate his comments.


  1. He doesn't know you very well... you keep cutting the heads off of a lot of items... no people yet, that I know of...

  2. In my undergrad studies, I learned that creativity is in the eye of the beholder. The wonderful thing about your craft is that it reflects your imagination and creativity and not someone else's. The "half crow", in my estimation, signals that there is as much unseen as there is seen. Your book and its characters reveal and keep hidden parts of their personas. Critics criticize. Not all criticism is valid, but all criticism is valuable. The beauty is that you get to make the final decision.

  3. thank you both for the comments... and the support. Alan, I love the analogy of what is seen vs. what isn't seen.