Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lovely Compliment on my Writing

I'm not going to write a lot tonight because I still have the Easter egg hunt from Hell going on, but a friend is reading my work, for the first time, and he said that last night he was just going to read the first couple of chapters, but that after two, he kept reading, that he didn't want to stop reading after just two.  He said the characters annoy him, frustrate him, and he wants to see how they change, if/how they get better. 

I hope he's not just being nice--he says he's not, because I asked him.  But seriously, these are likely the best compliments a writer can get.  Not only did he want to keep reading, but my characters created emotions (yes, annoyance is a type of emotion) in a real human being, not just in the other people in the story.

I wish I had a picture of two crows--you know, two for mirth--because that's what I'm feeling, like this thing could really happen.

BTW, this isn't meant to diminish all the work my other friends have done.  But you guys have read it, again and again, and are probably as tired of Maggie and her problems as I am.  I still don't know why she can't just fix her own damn problems.  Sorry, my acceptable schizophrenia kicking in again.

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  1. Honest - I was not just being nice. I'm not that nice of a person! And many days I think annoyance is my primary emotion.